The club has more than a 100 year history behind.  

Swedish Dachshundclub was founded in 1901 in connection with Swedish Kennelclubs exchibition in Gothenburg, on initiatives of of a very interested dachshund friend, Baron Axel Klinckowström. 

During both
earth trail and the exhibition (first Swedish earth trail), direction in Gothenburg May 10, 1901 and SKK: s exhibition in Gothenburg May 11-13 same year) could one notice to see a rapid risen interest for the dachshund, especially through the presence of a continent alder expert, namely Emil Ilgner, judges for dachshund (kennel Erdmannsheim). judge's assistant was Baron Axel Klinckowström and Fredrik von Essen . 
To the exhibition 45 dachshunds were reported, most probably German imports.

On last exhibition day May 13, 1901 was decided that a dozen interested dachshund friends would meet on hotel Hagalund, there also Sweden's first special club was founded “Svensk Taxklubb” under the direction of Emil Ilgner and Baron Axel Klinkowström. 
The club grew in low-sped, during the future decade and the members was in 1916, 26 members.

Swedish Dachshundclub has today nearly 7000 members and the club has been developed excellently.
It is 20 local clubs connecting to Swedish Dachshundclub located from the north to the south of Sweden.

The Dachshundclub organizes annually exhibitions and trail and the club also informs and have education about health and breeding.

If you are interested to exhibit your dog or pursuit your dog at trial, you find information about this through clicking on the link activities, where you find links for exhibitions and trails, viltspårprov, grytprov and drevprov. You find also information on respective localclubs homepage where you find information about those activities the local clubs organizes. Klick the link Lokalklubbar

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You can allso find the entry form at the link Anmälningsblanketter

If you wish to become a member or modify your membership please contact the Kennel Club's Membership Department, phone + 46 8-795 30 50
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